Saturday, February 14, 2009

OK, so let me get this straight. . .

News item:
Geitner needs help, can't get it:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, under intensifying pressure from Wall Street and Congress to complete his financial-rescue plan, is being handicapped by a dearth of staff experts critical to the effort.

Geithner’s strategy of forging a partnership with private investors to buy toxic assets would benefit from aides steeped in law and finance to thresh out the competing interests in the plan. Yet the administration has yet to nominate people for any of the Treasury’s financial posts as the White House seeks to avoid Senate confirmation battles.
Comment: So, let me get this straight.

When it comes to passing a massive chunk of legislation loaded with pork, pet projects and throw-ins that add significant chunks of power to the feds, it has to happen now, not next week, not 48 hours from now, to avoid a “catastrophe”.

But when it comes to getting people who actually might be able to get to the root of the problem and solve it, well, what’s the rush.

On top of that, what confirmation battles? Over undersecretary positions? As long as they can find a man or woman with an IRS bill stamped "Paid In Full", the Democrats' large Senate majority should be able to ramrod through virtually any nomination with minimal RINO assistance.

It's becoming more and more obvious that Obama is an eloquent hack who is in way, way over his head.

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