Friday, February 6, 2009

Beckel tells Dems to be afraid of Steele

News item:
RealClearPolitics - Articles - Democrats: Beware of Michael Steele:

"After blasting Republicans for an endless string of missteps last week, I concede the GOP finally got one right. Electing the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, Michael Steele, to chair the Republican National Committee is a smart move for the GOP and a warning for Democrats.

I have spent hours with Steele at the Fox News studios, and in dozens of TV encounters, and at dinners. Steele is a friendly, formidable, and very partisan man who should not be underestimated."
Comment: This is by liberal blowhard Bob Beckel and he's saying that his side should be very worried about newly elected RNC Chair Michael Steele, because he's an effective communicator and a staunch conservative.

The former never has been in question, the latter has been.

I'm not so sure that an endorsement by Beckel is a good thing, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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