Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New GOP Site Message: “I don’t get it!”

The GOP has cranked up a Website entitled "Republican for a Reason" to try to get grassroots input about the future of the party.

Good idea, horrible execution. My experience there shows me that the rushed this out with no beta testing leading to a poor user experience. It screams "I don't get it" coming from the GOP.

I went to leave my text input and I took some time to compose a message. When I hit the button to submit I got an error message saying that I used "illegal symbols" in the text. I had nothing that could be confused as an HTML tag, just parenthesis and apostrophes. There is no link to help besides a token set of FAQ's, nobody to whom I can report the problem.

In a more minor annoyance, they assign you a randomly-generated password when you sign up but there is no place to go to change it something you can, you know, actually remember.

I'll check back at some point but I'm not going to waste time dealing with a bug that I can't report.

The key phrase above is "I'll check back". A lot of current and potential Republicans won't.

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