Saturday, November 8, 2008

Immature, Unprofessional, Cowardly Jerks

I'm not normally one to pile on. If I'm a few days late in delivering criticism I'll usually just let what others have said stand and let it be.

But at the risk of drawing a 15-yard penalty, I'll jump on the pile here and take a shot at those incompetent McCain campaign staffers who decided that it would serve them well to trash Sarah Palin well before the corpse of the failed campaign was even cold.

A detailed autopsy is a critical part of any failed venture of the magnitude of a losing presidential campaign. But there is a difference between a sober assessment conducted in private and a public trashing of an individual who was a major part of the venture.

The McCain campaign staffers who spread the stories about Palin thinking that Africa was a country or that she greeted staffers who came to pick her up in a bathrobe or towel (depending on which account you want to believe) are nothing more than immature, unprofessional, cowardly jerks.

And that's not me talking, even though I am in complete agreement of the assessment of those gossip mongers. Those are the words of the Governor of Alaska herself. has undertaken Operation Leper and all fair-minded people should consider taking part in it. The site is identifying McCain staffers who blabbed about happenings that should have stayed private (if, indeed, they happened at all). The idea is to make those gossips political lepers. Any candidate who is considering hiring these buck passers needs to know what they might do if the campaign should be unsuccessful. In fact, Operation Leper will actively work towards ensuring that those campaigns are failures.

This is a very worthwhile effort and The Rational Conservative fully supports it. The idea originated in this post and there is a petition to sign here.

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