Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here’s the problem

Here is one reason why the GOP is struggling right now.

As I type this, Congressman Eric Cantor is getting ready to appear on Fox News Sunday. Presumably he will be talking about the future of the Republican Party and how it's going to pull itself back up. He's about to be elected Minority Whip, the #2 Republican post in the House.

I am on the email list for both the Cantor campaign and the Republican Party of Virginia. Yet I received no notification that Cantor was going to appear on FNS. No email, nothing posted on either website. Nothing.

The most powerful Congressman from Virginia in quite some time is on a prominent national news show and we have to stumble on that information on our own.

I should have received an email at the very least. There should be a place on both websites to sign up for text message alerts and one should be sent out for something like this. The appearance should be touted on both websites.

The national GOP site fails to make any mention of the appearance either. God forbid they should attempt to promote one if their rising stars.

Say what you want about Ron Paul's supporters, but they get it. Every time their guy is on national TV his crowd knows about it in advance and they have an opportunity to persuade their friends to tune in and listen to his message.

The Cantor camp and the VA GOP are always are eager to send out emails about fund-raising events and to solicit contributions. But where they miss the boat is in giving us information that might eventually make us want to reach for the credit card and send fifty or a hundred bucks their way every once in a while.

Unless and until that disconnect is repaired and the GOP moves in to the 21st century when it comes to communication the party will continue to struggle.

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